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Post graduation Ricky is a bit confused. He keeps thinking “what next!”. As it is, he doesn’t like to do anything except for sitting in front of his laptop. One day when he was strolling in the park he met Tech Uncle.
Like all others, he also ends up asking Tech Uncle for career advice. Written below are excerpts of the conversation:

Tech uncle: Have you ever paid attention to what you do whenever you want to look for any new product or services these days?
Ricky: Simple! I open my laptop or my mobile and start browsing through the search results after typing in the product or service. After that, I click on anyone from the first few results that pop up on the screen.
Tech Uncle: But have you ever wondered how do the companies arrive in the first pages of the search engines?
Ricky: Oops! I never gave a thought about that! How does that happen?
Tech Uncle:: This is possible only through digital marketing my child!
And so right he is. It is through optimum digital marketing that the companies manage to achieve this position in the web and they hire professionals who will be able to accomplish this task for them by offering excellent remuneration.
Even the largest corporate houses require proper advertising for building and promoting their brands and the internet has become the most rewarding platform for making the target audience listen to the company’s voice and making them aware of their product.
IMT is your one stop destination if you are aspiring to become an expert in digital marketing. Here, you get trained by none other than the industry pros who will be able to impart practical knowledge that will be effective while amplifying the company’s voice and making the target audience aware of the product or service that it has to offer. Get to know the right internet marketing strategies and their accurate implementation and take your career to the new highs with us.

Why should you do the course?

Here are few points to show you why this course is necessary so that you get a clear idea of what you are into and what opportunities you may have.

  • Get to learn from the industry pros
  • Be exposed to updated syllabus with the latest strategies
  • Get to avail the globally accepted study materials
  • Be relieved with 100 % job assurance after successful completion of the training
  • No need to pay exorbitant course fees
  • Learn to do viral marketing the easy way
Things you will get to learn – (Modules)
Module 1- Digital Marketing Introduction
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • How it works
  • Distinctions
  • Components
Module 2- Digital Foundation Building
  • Planning and Succeeding in Online Marketing
  • Measuring the internet marketing
  • Target Marketing Definition
Module 3 – Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine basics
  • Significance of internet marketing
  • Types of internet marketing methods
  • Algorithms of Search Engine
  • SERP understanding
  • Know-How of Page Rank
  • Black Hat/ Grey Hat/ White Hat SEO
  • SEO Algorithms and Latest Updates
  • Updates of Google Algorithm
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Implementation
  • Back Link Study
  • Analysis of Website
  • Using Search Operators
  • On page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
Module 4 – HTML/CSS Basics and Word Press CMS
  • What is WordPress?
  • HTML/CSS Basics
  • The Dashboard Understanding
  • Installation & Customization of Themes
  • Default Settings
  • Addition of menu to site
  • Installation of WordPress on Server
  • Creating categories, posts, and pages
  • Management of Content in WordPress
  • SEO specific plugins
  • Installation of Plugin
  • Addition of Widgets
Module 5 – Local Business Optimization
  • Significance of Local Listing
  • Google Places Submission
  • Factors affecting Local Results
  • Ranking on top of local results
Module 6 – Google Analytics
  • Analytics Installation in Sites
  • Report Generation
  • Goals and Conversions
Module 7 – Google Adwords PPC
  • What is PPC?
  • Scope and How it works
  • Keyword Type
  • Creative Ad text writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • AdWords Editor
  • Campaign Creation, Keywords, Adgroups,
  • Display Network & Campaign Settings for Search
  • Set-up process for Google Adwords Account
  • Campaign Set-up for Display Network
  • Techniques for A/B testing
  • Quality Score
  • Landing Page
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Reporting
Module 8 – Email Marketing
  • Email marketing concepts Introduction
  • Strategy for Effective Email Marketing
  • Email Addresses collection
  • Creating email marketing campaigns?
  • Aweber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response
  • Management of Newsletter
  • Third-Party Management Company Usage
  • Email messages
  • Subscriber Management
  • Optimization & Reporting
Module 9 – Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Sites
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Account Creation
  • Twitter
  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • URL Shortening Tools
  • Google feed burner
  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin
Module 10 – Affiliate Marketing
  • Why Affiliate Marketing?
  • Setting up an affiliate program
  • Choosing best affiliate program
  • Money Making affiliate programs
  • Comission Junction, ClickBank, etc. affiliate network
  • Affiliate video marketing Techniques
  • Optimizing affiliate landing pages
  • Analyzing Social Reach on various social medias using Bitly, Buffer, Tweepi, Hootsuite etc.
Module 11 – Video Marketing
  • Video Marketing Introduction
  • Youtube Introduction
  • Ways to fetch audience
  • Optimizing Submissions
  • Creating and managing account
  • Strategy of Effective Video Marketing
  • Social Sharing
Module 12 – Monetization of Website
  • Adsense Guidelines in all respect
  • How Adsense Works
  • Freelancing Process like Elance, odesk,freelancer
  • How to select profitable niche
  • Online Earning Methods
  • Other Ad Networks
  • Integration of Adsense with Youtube Channel
  • Affiliate marketing networks
Module 13 – Project Handling
  • Handling of Live Project
Who should do the Course?
  • E-commerce site owners who are wishing to embellish and enhance their sites
  • SEO professionals who want to augment their skill sets
  • Anyone who is passionate about the growing challenges of the viral marketing and intends to make a career out of it
  • Sales or marketing professionals who wish to upgrade their skills to suit the digital world
  • Creative people who want to bring in new ideas in the field of digital marketing
What you may expect post completion of the course?
As a digital marketing professional you may expect the following employment opportunities:

  • Social media managers for tiers 1 and 2 of the digital platform.
  • Brand managers for elite international brands
  • Viral marketing consultants
  • Freelancing as an online