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Once, while in the game parlour, Ricky suddenly came across Arijit, who was staring at the screen blindly instead of concentrating on the game. Being a video-game enthusiast, Ricky was quite shocked with this kind of behaviour from his friend. So he went on to ask his friend what’s wrong with him and came to know that he was stressed with his career. To put an end to that, Ricky took him to his favourite –Tech Uncle.

After listening to his story, Tech Uncle asked, “So Arijit what do you like doing the most?”

Arijit: Frankly speaking I am a gadget freak and an internet addict who likes to stay glued to the PC all the time.
Tech Uncle: What if you suddenly get the opportunity to pursue this as a career and earn lots of money by simply doing what you like?
Arijit: Really? Are you serious? You mean I can stay with my computer all day long?
Tech Uncle: Yes absolutely! This is exactly what you need to do if you become an SEO specialist.
Arijit: SEO? What’s that? What exactly am I supposed to do as an SEO professional?
Tech Uncle: Oh! SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is nothing but the technicalities involved in bringing in traffic to a particular website and then convert the same traffic into revenue-generating customers.
Arijit: Sounds complicated!
Tech Uncle: Ok, let me put it simply. It is the method with which the businesses enhance their rank in the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. etc. by incorporating the right keywords and appear in the first pages of the search engines so that they can easily get noticed.
Arijit: But how am I supposed to do that!
Tech Uncle: As I said earlier, there is nothing to worry my child! With a reputed institute like IMT, you will be able to become a pro in the trade.
And so true it is. These days most of the renowned brands are making their desire for utilising this form of technique as a way of advertising their company and making their presence felt globally.
But in Kolkata, people are not able to take full advantage of one of the most sought-after career options. Some lack the proper knowledge while others fail in the successful implementation of the same.
This is where IMT comes to the picture. It offers the one-of-a-kind opportunity for learning this trade with globally accepted study materials directly from the industry experts that too at an unbelievable course fee. You will also gain exposure to the live SEO based projects that will give you practical experience of the same.
Why should you do the course?

Here are few points to show you why this course is necessary so that you get a clear idea of what you are into and what opportunities you may have.

  • Learn the trade – Most of the SEO experts are self-made. They achieved perfection through years of practice. But a good course can make you field-ready well before time so that you can solve real time problems as soon as you join a company. Here in lies the significance of this course that will prepare you to face the world with the right knowledge. Moreover, with us, you will also be relieved with 100 % job assurance after successful completion of the training .
  • Global Presence – A vast majority of people are browsing the web today to purchase a product or service of their choice. This is what makes SEO a very lucrative career opportunity for many. This is because most entrepreneurs, these days, want to promote their business online for reaching the maximum consumers all over the world with the help of this.
  • Required traffic – SEO helps in filtering and helping only those traffics that come to the page who have the maximum chance of being converted into revenue-generating customers. A great SEO campaign can guarantee a long-term visibility on the internet and also beat its competitors in the process. That is why the successful business houses are now in the lookout for expert SEO specialists who will be able to promote their business n the desired manner.
  • Building Brand – SEO campaign helps in the construction of brand-names too, and this is the reason thousands of renowned brands are looking towards SEO campaigning as a great way of building their brands. Famous companies like Apple, Samsung and even the old school companies are today going for SEO marketing for the same reason.

For all these reasons SEO has become a popular as well as essential skill set that for both the entrepreneurs as well as job seekers for a making their business a success and have a stable career where there is huge possibility to grow.

Things you will get to learn – (Modules)
Module 1 – Basics of SEO
  • Definition and Explanation of SEO
  • Significance of Search Engine Optimization
  • Verities of Search Engines
  • Process of Executing Search Engine Optimization
  • Methodology or Working
  • Comprehending the Search Operators and SERP
  • Updating the Search Algorithms
  • Updates of Humming Bird, Panda and Penguin
  • Most recent Updates of Search as well as Prediction
Module 2 – Google Webmaster Tools
  • Learning to add sites and verify them
  • Locating the Geo Target
  • Search Queries Analysis
  • Reporting of External Links
  • Optimization of Google Crawls Stats
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemaps
  • HTML Improvement
  • Removal of Links
  • AMP Implementation
Module 3– Optimization of Local Business
  • Submission to Google Places
  • Importance of Local Listing
  • Factors for Local Rankings
  • Ranking on Top of Local Results
  • Basics of HTML/CSS
  • Definition and Explanation of WordPress
  • Perception of Dashboard
  • Default Settings
  • Management of Content in WordPress
  • Creating Posts, Pages and Categories
  • Addition of Manu to Site
  • Widgets adding
  • Installation of Plugin
  • Plugins Specific to SEO
  • Tag Optimization
Module 4 – Research and Analysis of Keywords
  • Keyword Research Introduction
  • Importance of Keyword Search Volume and Competition
  • Varieties of Keywords
  • Method of Keyword Search
  • Tools for Analyzing Keywords
  • Ideas for Keyword Generation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword List Finalization
Module 5 – Optimization of On-page
  • Guidelines of Google
  • Significant On-page Factors
  • Domain names Importance
  • Analysis of Site Initially
  • Analysis of Responsive Website
  • Analysis of Website Speed
  • Implementation of SEO friendly URL
  • Depth of Link and Structure of Site
  • Implementation of URL Redirects
  • Analysis of Broken Link
  • Fixing of Canonical Issue
  • Significance of Title Tags
  • Development of Meta Tags
  • Content Optimization
  • Implementation of LSI Keywords
  • Inter-linking Web Pages
  • Placing Head Tags like H1, H2, H3 etc
  • Dynamic vs Static Optimization of Files
  • Optimization of Headers
  • Schema Implementation
  • Creation and Implementation of XML Site Map
  • Creation and Implementation of robots.txt
  • Optimization of Google Crawl Stats
  • Sitemap and ROR Implementation
  • Tools for Site Tracking
Module 6 – Business Proposals and Contracts
  • Introduction to Off Page Optimization
  • The importance of Links for SEO
  • Guidelines of Google Link Scheme
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Everything About Links
  • Techniques of Link Building
  • Types of Link
  • Links Analysis Tools
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Submissions of Directory
  • Submitting Press Releases & News syndication
  • Article Marketing
  • Google Hot Trends and Insights
  • Alexa Insights
  • Local Listing
  • Creation of Google My Business, Google Places & Google Map
  • Blogging and Guest Blogging
  • Business Classifieds for Inbound traffic
  • Local and regional search engines
  • Blog Comments
  • Creation & promotion of Blog
  • Forum & Q & A
  • Video Marketing
  • Image Sharing
  • Info-graphic Sharing
  • White Hat / Black Hat / Grey Hat SEO
  • Content Syndication ( Feeds )
  • SEO Reporting
Module 7 – Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Introduction
  • Sites of Social Media
  • Social Media Business Page Creation
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Pinterest Board Creation
  • Linkedin Profile Creation
  • Twitter Page Creation
  • Google Plus Page Creation
  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • Video Marketing and Monetization
  • URL Shortening Tools
Module 8 – Analytics of Google
  • Installing Analytics in Site
  • Generating Reports based on Business Requirements
  • Goals and Conversions
Module 9 – Monetization Of Website
  • Real-Time Overview
  • Audience Overview
  • Active User Overview
  • Demographics Overview
  • Geo Location Overview
  • Behavior Overview
  • Technology Overview
  • Mobile Device Overview
  • Acquisition Overview
  • Conversions Overview
Module 10 – Management and Report
  • Website Monthly Reports
  • Paid Tools for SEO Campaigns
  • Website Position Analysis
Module 11 – Live SEO Projects
Who should do the Course?
  • Fresher who are willing to make it big in the global market
  • Junior Link Builders who are looking for desired career path
  • SEO professionals who are looking for a promotion
  • Anyone who wants to make their internet surfing skills into a career
What you may expect post completion of the course?
As an SEO specialist, you can expect the following employment opportunities:

  • Work as an SEO expert in any company anywhere in the world
  • Join as Online Marketing Expert or Team Leader of SEO team
  • Freelancing as an SEO professional with domestic and international clients
  • Become certified as an SEO specialist when required for on-site function